Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008: From the Ground Up

When an architect first begins his work, he dreams. He dreams of what purposes the project can accomplish and what the final rendition will look like when it's all through.

Plans are drawn, governments are consulted, engineers propose the working parts. The dream is huge, the dream is real, but only in the minds of the dreamers. It is completely unimaginable and unexplainable in the context of the bare slab found where the building will soon stand.

A day eventually comes when planning is over. It's called groundbreaking. The beginning of the project? No. The project started months or years before. This day is when dreams begin to become reality.

It has been seen in the mind of the dreamers for a long time. It has been revised to meet the demand of the day. It is now time for the planning stage to end and for the "real work" to begin.

Every plan, every dream that has brought you to this day is in the past. Even though there are revisions still to come, the preliminary steps are finished.

Welcome to 2008: It's time to get to work.

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