Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Choosing an agency

During the month of January, we're focusing on picking an adoption agency and our prospective child(ren)'s birth country.

In the past three weeks we've been spending a good amount of our free time going to information meetings and looking at packets that have been sent to us by various agencies.

So far, we've narrowed it down to one country and six or seven agencies.

Last Tuesday night we drove across the metro area to Hillsboro to meet with Bethany Christian Services. Our hostess had all types of good information and we enjoyed being with the two other couples for all the questions and answers. Since we don't make it out to the far west side of town very much we enjoyed a late dinner at Mad Greek Deli. I've wanted to go here since I worked in the Rock Creek area ten years ago!

Last night we went to another meeting at Holt International on Barbur Boulevard in SW Portland. The Holt Branch Manager, Sharon had all kinds of info on their different programs. She also arranged a special treat for us: a question and answer session with an adoptive family. Wish I had pictures of their little girl that they brought home from China just five months ago.

Pics: Anne-Marie @ Mad Greek, really poor quality pic of the Holt sign.

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