Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A follow-up on everything

The past week has been busy, as life often is. (I don't like to refer to myself as busy. I'd rather say I'm in "high demand." It has an air of celebrity to it.)

The news of Maria Chapman's death has been hard, especially considering the family's picture-perfect story and how it is connected with ours. I ask you to pray, or continue to pray, for them. Their leadership and organization are very heavily leaned upon by many families in the adoption community.

If you would like more updates go to manager Jim Houser's blog, or Songtailor's fan blog. If you want to know other ways to show support here is the page for Maria's Miracle Fund, a special fund in her honor that will help families with their adoption fees. Or, you can buy SCC's new album, This Moment - Cinderella Edition. It came out today.

Stuff about US is to be posted here soon!

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