Monday, December 15, 2008

Festival of Trees

Last week we went to the Festival of Trees at the Oregon Convention Center. Even though participation seemed a little down this year, we still saw some cool stuff. About 25 trees were there along with wreaths and a huge display of gingerbread houses.

On one side there was a cool setup by Providence hospitals. It was a hospital for teddy bears! They gave you a free bear at the beginning and you went to from ID bracelet station to gown station to diagnosis to surgery to recovery, etc. Totally cool. Kinda like Build-A-Bear, but FREE! But you had to be under 12, so we could only watch.

On the other side was a big band playing Christmas carols. They had a guest singer from Florida who kept starting her part in the wrong key. Down in the crowd was a lady dancing like she'd lost her mind--and I think she had! God help us. A few considerate snickers was all it generated.

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