Wednesday, January 14, 2009

5 excuses for not posting (for Mary P.)

Top 5 reasons I haven't posted in a week:

5. After December, everything that happens in January seems boring.
4. I've been on a demanding project at work.
3. I have a lot of posts that I want to do, but can't quite find the words and/or inspiration.
2. Due to the economic crisis. (??? Guess it works for everyone else.)
1. Last week our phone and internet were killed by what Qwest calls a "major cable failure."

So, there ya go.


  1. Hey guys!!! Great to hear from ya'll. Please do link my blog to yours and I'd love to do the same. We're so excited to be traveling soon. The house is a wreck w/ packing stuff everywhere and looks like Babies R Us regurgitated in every room! =)
    We'll keep you posted on our trip when we get home!

  2. tee hee. thanks bro eli! :-)