Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A follow-up on Orphan

(Thanks to Christian Alliance for Orphans for making this "poster".)

The Warner Brothers movie Orphan came out last weekend and among all the other commentary, activism, campaigning and boycotting I can't expect that my blogging will sway people one way or another. But I did think I should quote Melissa Fay Greene on this:
...A handful of stories, real or exaggerated, entered popular culture. No one knows this better than adoptive parents of older post-institutionalized children (of which I am one) because of the dire warnings freely offered by concerned friends and relations. “Older children from orphanages are incapable of love!” you are warned. “They set fires! They hoard food! They kill pets! Beware!”
...Dog lovers (of which I am also one) wouldn’t stand for a movie like this. What if last summer’s hit, Marley & Me, had been a horror flick called SHeLTeR Dog, in which a rescued Golden Retriever turns out to be Satan’s spawn, mutilating Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson with bloody pointed teeth and tearing apart their baby? Animal lovers everywhere would have been up in arms, fearing that such myth-making could actually scare people away from taking in shelter dogs.
So true, so true. I've never been the boycott type person (not that I would be going to see this, anyway), but I do think the whole concept is [strong language alert] stupid. Rant, boycott, opine, whatever you gotta do. Just as long as you agree with me that Orphan is sick and wrong.

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