Friday, October 23, 2009

Meet the Garcias

A few days ago, put a feature story on their front page today called "Meet the Garcias". Part of the Latino in America series, the feature story focuses on 7 different people in America with the last name "Garcia".

There's a TV cooking show host who came from out of nowhere, a married couple who fears their culture will not be passed down to their kids, an actor who has to take on sterotypical-Latino roles just to pay the bills, [you start skimming right about here] an LA-area high school senior on the verge of dropping out, an immigration activist who believes that the US is Mexico, a recently-married young lady who struggle for years with body image and a pastor who works with both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking congregations.

I'm pretty disappointed that CNN didn't call me. But probably as soon as they heard that I was only half-Mexican--which might mean half-Latino, I have no idea-- and married to a Caucasian...

And as soon as they knew I have two kids from Africa...

They'd probably realize that I didn't quite fit into the special Latino slot they have in the newsroom. Maybe that's not true, but I gotta feelin' it is. I doubt interviewing me would help spread the news that Americans are all the same...but different.

Most of that was probably misunderstood, so anyways. I do think it's pretty cool that all the Garcias in the US are now famous.

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