Monday, October 19, 2009

Sickness hangs on

Last week, Anne-Marie started to get the same virus I got on the plane ride home. Wednesday afternoon, it was confirmed that Elisha is struggling with two different infections in his digestive system. Saturday morning, I developed a case of stomach flu that I'd never experienced before in my life (of course, with the exception of the food poisoning incident 4 weeks ago in Ethiopia).

So, I haven't really gotten much of anything done over the past few days, including blogging. I did manage to watch our "gotcha day" video a couple of times. It turned out great thanks to our friend Deb and Panasonic Corporation. Someday I hope to have the thing all cleaned up and posted here.

Have you checked out the pictures on our Flickr page? I'm trying to keep it updated with the latest pics. Of course, we probably should start doing some more interesting stuff to get some good pictures.

There is good news. Over the last month I've lost 10 pounds. That makes me as thin as I was when we were dating. Here's Elisha after he fell asleep in the bouncy.

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  1. So sorry to hear that you're still having to deal with all that icky sickness stuff! Praying that things smooth out soon.

    What an adorable picture! All that bouncing & jumping just wore him out! :o)

    SCC Blog Family