Friday, February 12, 2010

OK. Since I've been working on the 8 1/2 anniversary recap story for a week and a half, I decided to let that wait and post now!

First, Elisha is sick. Real sick. Double ear infection. Bronchialitis (no clue what makes this different than bronchitis). Concern that the digestive problems he had in Ethiopia are returning. That's a lot of what's been keeping me occupied for the past couple weeks. We would appreciate your prayers.

Second, does the increasing universality of Valentine's day bother anyone else? For years people have been making it a big family celebration, including sons, daughters, cousins, moms, dads, just about anyone. Now it's gotten to the point where people include friends, co-workers and (aaaaaaaaaahhh) pets.

I thought this was about love. Not just love, but I mean loooove.

OK, OK, OH-KAY! We really don't know a lot about St. Valentine, but we think he might have performed a marriage or two. I don't know how the day became such an all-encompassing enterprise.

I'll tell what I'm getting my kids for Valentine's Day: a babysitter.


  1. You are funny! And I agree with your assessment of valentines day!

  2. Poor little Elisha....we'll pray he gets to feeling better really soon!