Monday, March 22, 2010

Maybe I should be working at PIXAR

If you've been checking the blog for three years or longer, you might remember this picure:

It's a bridge model I worked on for several intense months. Now the bridge is in place, but a few weeks ago, we went back into the 3D model and did this:

(Non-nerds need not read on.) This is a very good example of how the design, animation and digital arts world in general has changed. Since we completed the model in '07, the industry has seen the proliferation of a free 3D drawing and animation program called SketchUp. Google bought this program a few years ago and offers it as a free download. Combine this with AutoCAD and you've got the ability to do a fly-around of any 3D model.

So, I'm not actually drawing up Buzz Lightyear and making him move around. And I'm not illustrating the crumple zones of an Audi. But the software can make anyone look cool.

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