Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reason #6: It looks like the American people don't want it

By "it" I don't mean health care reform, but this particular version of it.

Rasmussen Reports polled Americans weekly about this for the last nine months, and of those 40 or so polls, only two had more people in support of the proposed legislation than against. In fact, all but seven of the polls had a plurality of people against the bill.

The most recent poll by Rasmussen has not on 54% of Americans polled against the bill, but 55% in favor of repealing the bill.

There is one recent poll by USA Today/Gallup that states that 49% of those polled thought passage of the bill was a "good thing", as opposed to 40% who thought it was not.

Polls aren't everything, but this many polls over this amount of time are at least something.

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