Sunday, July 04, 2010

The one-year anniversary of our referral

We were surprised one year ago today by a call from Tami at Dove with an e-mail. That e-mail contained these pictures:

I'll never forget getting that call about 10:20 AM on Saturday, July 4, 2009. We had already been told that a referral was pretty much a sure thing, but then waited weeks before it actually happened. At the time we knew very little info about the kids and some of what we thought we knew was incorrect.

Some of you may not know that we expected our kids to be about a year apart in age. We thought "Israel" would be about 18 months and "Hani" 6 months. Well, clerical errors were made and once the e-mail was sent, we saw that Elisha was probably about the same age as his sister. But when we opened the e-mail and read his story and saw the picture that you see above, we felt that we could do nothing but accept this boy into our home.

I thought when I woke up that morning I would be spending the day helping my brother-in-law, Mike, side his house. Actually, that's what I was doing when I got the phone call (and subsequently had to drop a piece of siding, run home and open an e-mail). I never did make it back to finish that project. Sorry, Mike! Instead we had a day of celebration and tears and fireworks that we felt were just for us.

My dear America, you will always struggle to get top billing on this special day.

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