Sunday, November 07, 2010

Life in a motel, Part III: Cabin fever

So, the kids are sick of this now. At the beginning of the week, their moods turned ugly and they don't seem to be getting any better.  They both throw fits over the slightest annoyance and will not do anything we ask them to do.
Elisha's "bedroom" is in the corner behind that blanket.
We were counting on the "On-Site Laundry Facilities" here to get us through these three weeks, but after putting the first load of laundry in the dryer for three hours (and $3), we found out that it would take us way too long to finish our laundry, so we brought it to the laundromat.  As soon as people at the church here found out about that they insisted that we used their washer and dryer.  So we've been involved in laundry visitation ministry ever since.  I kinda liked the laundromat, though.  It has those BIG dryers in rows that are so very fast.  Plus, laundromats have wi-fi and usually a very cool vending machine.
I could come here just because.
 My mom came and visited us last weekend.  She came Friday and stayed through Sunday.  Friday was the church's Western Roundup, so we all dressed like cowboys and watched the kids play games.  Elisha and Mariah thought the swimming pool they were using for the rubber duck pond was..well... a swimming pool, so they were completely soaked by night's end. 
Yeeehaw! Sorry for the blurry photo.
We took advantage of my mom being in town and for the first time in several weeks, Anne-Marie went on a date!  We visited SouthCenter Mall and ate dessert at The Cheesecake Factory.  Funny how all the shopping we did was for kid's clothes. Life does change.
H&M is Ikea, except with clothes.
Aside from the job hunt and meeting a lot of new people, we have been preparing for the move into the house!  This next Wednesday is supposed to be the day.  We are still working out the details, but this week for sure.  I can hardly wait.

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