Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The end of ba-bas

So, potty training isn't really working around here.  The kids don't mind sitting on those nice blue and pink chairs Grandma got for them, but they really aren't interested in much else than sitting.  We've had a few victories in the last couple of months--and that's good--but it's not really clicking.

We reached a different milestone a couple of weeks ago, this one by accident.  Our dishwasher decided to destroy three out of the five bottles we had, causing us to have only one bottle for Elisha and one for Mariah.  That was fine because we have the Playtex kind with the inserts, which makes it pretty easy to maintain.  So at nap time and bed time we washed their bottle and filled it.  Then one of them lost their bottle.

We decided that it just wouldn't be fair to give a bottle to only one of them that night, so right then and there, we decided that there would be no more ba-bas for the kids.  After a week of the kids throwing fits twice a day, they don't even care anymore.  That means no more liners to buy and no more whole milk (soy fans don't hate).  Kinda miss using that whole milk in the mac & cheese, though...

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  1. i am so freaking sick of bottles everywhere. i can't wait until this is us. :)