Saturday, May 26, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Love Her

I was challenged to do this by some of my friends on Facebook. Here is my completely original list of 10 reasons* why I love her:

She's the strongest person I know

Superheroes go from tragedy to triumph in 24 pages. After watching her for all these years, I think Anne-Marie could do this. She walks straight through fire and into next month's issue. That's why she's my hero.

She exudes beauty

This is the one that most people might think of right away. Anne-Marie is a beautiful, feminine lady that makes everything around her beautiful.

She loves nerdy/intellectual things

You probably didn't know this, but Anne-Marie likes sci-fi, mysteries and stories of the wild west. Graceful as she is, she wants someone to be blown up or punched in the face. (OK, that might be a slight exaggeration...) She also has a soft spot for superheroes, but as I mentioned before, that's because she IS one.

She's acquainted with grief

One of the reasons Christ was so impacting is because of this. Anne-Marie has those certain qualities and virtues that can only be born out of suffering.

She has a natural grace and class

Good posture, hospitality, compassion and etiquette without pretension. Yeah. I pretty much take these for granted most of the time.

She can say "I'm sorry"

Whether she got it wrong or in comfort to those who hurt, she is willing to say the two words that are sometimes hardest to say.

She has character

In order to develop my own integrity, I work hard to examine any possible way I could be taking advantage of others. Anne-Marie doesn't struggle with this nearly so much. She just IS this.

She isn't afraid to try something new

I can be crazy adventurous and spontaneous. Anne-Marie is not at all like that, but she doesn't just put up with my adventures: she willingly joins in.

She's fiercely loyal

Anne-Marie would stand by me if bullets were flying. If I'm wrong, she might tell me, but she would never leave my side.

She's still slightly mysterious to me

What can I say? There's just something about her.

*I have omitted the other million reasons for the sake of brevity.

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  1. beautiful! She is quite a lady indeed!
    love you both