Sunday, June 03, 2012

A quick rundown of what we learned on Friday @ SCCA

(Running Away, Part Three will be coming soon, but for now we need to address this.)

Before we go out in public, I thought I should answer a few questions about Friday's appointment with the oncologists:

1.  Anne-Marie's lymph nodes are completely clear.

2.  The dr's want to do a complete body PET/MRI anyhow to be sure

3.  They recommend following this up with 2 months of a more mild form of chemotherapy

4.  This would be followed by surgery to remove the tumor

5.  Next would be 4 to 6 more months of chemo

6.  Then would begin 6 to 8 weeks of daily radiation treatments

7.  After this, rehabilitation and reconstruction would begin

8.  Last would be 5 years of medicinal treatment

Keep in mind these are the doctor's *recommendations* at this time.  Things may change and we may decide they are not right for us.  Thank you for your concern.

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