Thursday, July 26, 2012

Checkup and Herceptin

Today I had a checkup with Dr. Korde and my second Herceptin treatment.  Thankfully, I did not have any problems with the Herceptin this time, but I did come home and sleep for three hours!  That stuff just wears me out!  A few days ago, Dr. Korde had instructed me to stop taking the Tykerb pills once again due to troublesome side effects I was having.  It has been a difficult balancing act trying to figure out how much medication to take to lessen the side effects versus too much extra medication causing a whole different set of side effects.  Today we discussed how I could better manage the symptoms and medications.  I can't say that we have it figured out completely, but hopefully it will be better.

Dr. Korde also believes that my tumor has shrunk just from the small amount of treatment I've already had. That is really great news, especially since today was only my second Herceptin and I've stopped, then started, then stopped taking Tykerb again in that short span of time!  She says I may not need to take Tykerb after the surgery, especially considering it's effect on me, but she may want me to continue Herceptin for two years instead of just one. 
 I have a lot of difficult decisions to make in the coming months regarding the next phase of treatment after surgery.  I received some very tough news Friday at my consult with the plastic surgeon at University Medical Center in Seattle. What they are recommending for me to do is physically and emotionally difficult, mostly because of what I've already been through the first time around.  It's a long story and a bit personal to convey on here to everyone, but it has to do with radiation and RE-reconstructive plastic surgery.  I'm trying to figure out how I want to proceed, especially since the news was worse than I thought it was going to be.  There are pros and cons, of course.  I know what THEY want me to do, but I ultimately have to make the decision.  So puhleeeze don't start offering me opinions and advice, haha!  =)

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  1. We are praying that God will give you direction and wisdom in this choice you need to make : ) (hugs)