Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Morning Song #10

I haven't posted many new songs on Sunday mornings, but I heard this a couple of months ago and really, really liked it.  Have you ever known a one of those "singing families"?  Most families don't have several members that both can sing and want to sing, but apparently the Walls family is one of the rare exceptions and the result is truly beautiful.

I'm sure there's some scientific explanation about similarly-structured vocal chords or something like that.  Whatever it is, you can't beat the family sound.  Plus, it has some very cool 90's-like style points like keychanging into the chorus and a guitar solo.  So it's a group full of teenagers that throwback to the vocals-are-what-counts days of 20 years ago.  My kinda song!

"Never Wanna Let You Go" by The Walls Group

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