Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers Day 2013

It's Father's Day and I got my gift two days early.  I was surprised on Friday not with an ugly tie or power tool.  On Friday, I received the common cold.

It's the most universal malady on Earth beside the hiccups and can be strong enough to take a grown man down for two to five days.  (I'm hoping for the former.)

There is a disease almost as common in our area of the world.  It's called fatherlessness.

While some have more severe cases than others, I can't go a day without discovering another person who has suffered or is suffering with it.  There's little the victim can do to prevent it.  Its lifespan is quite a bit longer than the cold's is and there's no cure.

Then again, maybe there is a cure.  In the Bible, God said He'd be "the father to the fatherless."  Many teachers, mentors, friends, brothers and uncles contribute into the lives of those without the daily guidance of a father.  Even in my own life--after I got married--my father-in-law has been a constant presence in my life to model wisdom and morals.

The greatest healing agent I've had for growing up without a father is the opportunity to be a father.

Because I practice everyday to complete the cure, it makes this particular day a little more special to me.

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