Thursday, August 01, 2013

Emergency to Surgery: Part 1

I decided to write down our story partly because I think it should be told and partly because I feel I need to remember it.

Thursday, June 11th, was a good day.  It was bright and sunny and actually hot, which is rare for our area of the country.  Our family was going on a camping trip with our church at the KOA in Warrenton.  Anne-Marie had been a little sick--in fact fighting a fever every night for two weeks--but we'd been anticipating the short little vacation for weeks, so in order to get a jump on the evening traffic, Anne-Marie picked me up from work in Olympia in the middle of the day and we headed southwest to the Coast.  She was exhausted and was ready for me to get in the driver's seat.

After a day and a half of cabin living, I realized the overall dizziness and malaise Anne-Marie had been complaining about earlier in the week was more serious than I thought.  The last morning of the trip, she didn't get up with the rest of us.  In fact, everyone from the group had left by the time she got up.  We quickly packed up and left the campground before they charged us for an extra day.


Anne-Marie was still feeling very weak the next Monday.  I figured she must have caught the same flu as everyone else we know.  Maybe she even had a sinus infection, which would explain the dizziness (right?).  Tuesday and Wednesday were even worse.  I went in to work early on Thursday because I thought I might be needed at home as much as possible.

Thursday at 11:30 in the morning, Anne-Marie called and said she needed me to pray for her.

We pray in our home and for each other and with our kids--and I suppose maybe it should be more commonplace--but her demand to have me pray with her over the phone immediately seemed serious.  A lot more serious than I was expecting while I was away at work. 

I did pray and then grabbed my keys off my desk and drove straight home.

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