Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is over

And I can't say I'm sad about it.

2013's blog was supposed to do away with strong opinions and bring in more encouragement.  Well, the strong opinions went away.  In fact, I can count on one hand the number of hard-hitting debates I participated in online this year.  That's real good for me.

But just as last year's aim for stronger opinions took a nose dive midway through the year, the striving toward encouragement in 2013 fell a little short.  This year was my least blogged year (62 posts).

And there was so much I wanted to say.  Some of it was even encouraging!  However, career demands, family needs, bodily limitations happen and I've repeatedly pushed my written thoughts back to another day.

2013 was a year.  And if it's even fair to rate years--and I don't know that it is--it was a very hard one.  Frustration that I didn't think could get at me won too many times.  Fatigue beyond anything I've ever experienced never quite found the rest it wanted.  Folks who didn't understand at all were given too much of my attention.

That's the beautiful thing about time.  2013 will be gone in a minute and it can never come back.  The failures of then don't have to be the failures of now.  Character can be honed.  Priorities can be shifted.  I can enter 1/1/14 (or any day, really) ready to face a new challenge.

If I do remember anything from this year besides the things to work on next year, I hope it's these memories in this short photo album:

May God give us 2014 as a year of challenge and a year of truth!

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