Saturday, August 08, 2015

Vacation 2015

This year's family vacation was a bit of a mess.  We had the idea to schedule a combination visit to church camp in Salem, Oregon, with Anne-Marie's doctor appointment in Seattle a few days later.  It would have all meshed together in a week-long two-legged adventure.  That is, until they changed the appointment date on us.

So instead, our vacation consisted of two weekends doing this:
Making new friends at 2015 Family Camp

Then off to South Lake Union in Seattle, where we found the REI

Meeting some friends at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma
Paying tribute to the our departed walrus friend, E.T.
Laughing at Shake Shake Shake
Greeting the Blue Angels at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Flying away
Posing in front of my favorite model of Mustang
Enduring the heat in the airfield of the Museum of Flight
Finishing up in Estacada at our church picnic swimming in the Clackamas River

That was a wild eleven days!  We won't be doing that again until four weeks from now for our anniversary.  It looks like we've had a bit more trouble scheduling our appointments...

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