Monday, September 05, 2016

15 days till 15 years #3

I left some of the tougher years until last...

2013 seemed to be a domino effect/train wreck kind of year. But something amazing happened at the end of the summer. Mel and Sue--some friends from the Tacoma area approached us from out of nowhere and asked if we wanted to stay at their timeshare community in Cabo. For free!

Cabo sounded great (we honeymooned there) but we hardly had money to drive to the airport, Anne-Marie was just recovering from emergency surgery and the answer was just plain old "no" for so many reasons. So someone else took them up on it. 

Then they came back to us and said they also were members of a place in Vancouver, BC. Maybe we could stay there and celebrate our anniversary in September!

Them they ran out of rooms or something. But one last idea came out while we were talking it over. There was a little place in Victoria that was kind of old and out of the way. We could get a voucher for that place for free. But probably not even worth mentioning, right?


And that's how we ended up driving my piece of junk compact car to Port Angeles to save gas, walking on the ferry to save money on tickets and eating at dive cafes to not eat away our travel budget.

There is one thing we didn't skimp on: afternoon tea at The Empress. It was a lifelong dream for Anne-Marie.

Everything that happened in 2013. Whatever. This is what I need to remember.

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