Thursday, December 29, 2016

Everything just changed

In mid-December, Anne-Marie went in for her quarterly scans. This included the typical bone scan and CT scan. On the following Friday, we were back at Compass for the every-three-weeks hormonal therapy treatment. The scan results were back and we anticipated reviewing the results with Dr. Smith during the pre-treatment consult.

Dr. Smith told us that Anne-Marie's treatment plan was canceled starting immediately. The scans showed that lymph nodes to the right of Anne-Marie's sternum had become enlarged.  This was concerning enough to the doctor that he not only decided to schedule a biopsy but also decided that the current Herceptin treatment was ineffective.

Matters became even more complicated when Anne-Marie mentioned that she noticed a bump near her collarbone.  Plans switched immediately from a lung biopsy to a biopsy of the bump.  So they scheduled us between holidays for a consult/biopsy/both/neither at Compass Oncology's Vancouver office.

We went to see Dr. Storm in Vancouver on Wednesday (12/28/16) and talked it over for an hour.  What we came up with was that the biopsy was impossible to do in the office.  Dr. Storm preferred to do the procedure in the hospital ASAP, but we couldn't get the schedule to work for next week.

So it's Tuesday, January 10.  We know nothing and won't until at least a few days after the biopsy.  All we know is people are concerned.  Including us.

However, we may just go ahead and enjoy the arrival of 2017.  Since there's nothing to do right now we'll make it a small deal until it needs to become a big deal.