Tuesday, October 23, 2018

October 2018 scan results and what that means

Hundreds of you saw last week's post on insta/FB, so I probably don't need to go into the specifics except to say 12 out of 14 tumor sites look good and we're working on the other two.  We are grateful to God for a good report (and don't forget those doctors).

Here's the epilogue of what that means to us on a daily basis: It means nothing.  It appears that all of the pain, fatigue, skin problems, stomach flu is not from cancer but from the treatment.  We are still fighting the same battles and more* that we were fighting a week ago.  But in a different sense it means everything because we know the treatment is working.  We waited through the entire summer and half of the fall blindly going through misery without promise of a return, but now we know.  That's huge.

*By the time we hit Monday morning we found a new arena for this battle.  Anne-Marie's feet have become so damaged by the chemo that a previously-recommended visit to the podiatrist has now been rushed.  The appointment happens today and I have exercised my spousal naggingness to demand she remain in bed until we know what to do.

I'm glad we got some good news to remind us why we're fighting because the bell just rung and we're about to start throwing more punches.

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