Tuesday, May 13, 2008

D A R K S A Y I N G S @ 2

Little Known Facts About the Blog

- The first post was published in Sunriver, Oregon, while we were on "emergency vacation" trying to figure out how to react to Anne-Marie's cancer diagnosis two days earlier.

- The blog's name was picked after some time searching for an available domain that would be easy to remember/spell. All the ones I wanted were taken and I gave up in frustration. A few days later I was reading Proverbs, Chapter 1 and verse 6's reference to "dark sayings of old" jumped out to me.

- The blog name was reserved and in place for nearly a month and was supposed to be my personal blog on faith and ethics. That all changed a few weeks later.

- As of right now the blog has had more than 14,500 visitors and nearly 23,000 page views.
There have been nearly 400 posts.

- Over 200 comments have been made.

- I would estimate that there have been visitors from at least 80 countries.

- The most I posted in one day was on September 8, 2006, our 5th anniversary: 4 posts.

- I've been shocked at least a hundred times by people that have come up to me and started talking about various facts of my life. I guess I forget sometimes. The explanation is always the same. They read it on the blog.


  1. I didn't read this on your blog...I did however read it in the card that you and Anne Marie gave me for graduation. You never got a chance to "quiz" me about it because I didn't stick around very long unfortunately...but I just wanted to say that I remember you had a dog named Travis once. :)

    Good luck with everything, i'm so excited for you both!

  2. No way!

    (For those of you who are reading this and are totally confused, here's the story:

    When Marisa graduated from high school, Anne-Marie and I gave her a normal graduation card and the normal enclosed check, but inside the card I wrote a few personal thoughts from the two of us, plus one random fact: that I had a dog named Travis as a kid. I explained to her that I was fairly certain that NO ONE reads the insides of the hundreds of cards they receive when they graduate and that this was a test to see if she really read it or not. That was SEVEN years ago!)

    Congratulations, Marisa! You've passed the test and I may now pronounce you officially graduated from high school!