Monday, May 12, 2008

The home study itself

I would say that we were a bit nervous Tuesday morning, the day of our home study. Anne-Marie had taken the day off and I decided to work until 12:30 to arrive in just enough time. I fidgeted around at work until 11:45. Forget it: I'm going home.

It was a good thing that I left a little early. Anne-Marie was still working on sprucing up the house and I had arrived in time to perform an hour of indentured labor.

Ryan Nichols, our agency's social worker, and Kasi, his assistant arrived at our home at 1:30 sharp. Ryan immediately made us feel at ease letting us know that he was there to work for our adoption, not against it and began asking questions in what was scheduled as a two-hour interview.

The questions were open ended: "What can you tell me about your childhood?" and, "How did you meet?" I think a few years of experience has given him the ability to do an interview, but keep it conversational. We didn't feel uncomfortable and our rambling answers provided extra information that allowed him to skip some questions.

The most difficult part of the interview was when he asked about Anne-Marie's cancer diagnosis. We didn't know anything else to tell him except the truth. The situation was horrible, but prompt and intense treatment made the doctors confident that there was no need to worry about Anne-Marie's ability to live a full life. The fact is that many agencies and countries would not have us because of this thing, which is now part of our past. I can't say I fault them, but it was really hard for us to take at the time. On this particular afternoon--in a complete reversal--we were told that we would probably make better parents considering what we've been through. We're thankful to God for this encouraging report.

We finished off the study with a trip around our sparkling-clean house. Everything looked great and we were complimented on how inviting our house felt. I got some compliments on my books, as well. (That made it worth all the trouble.) Sydney even stuck around to greet our guests. After eating a few of Anne-Marie's fresh-baked brownies. We said our goodbyes, closed the door, and toppled onto the floor in exhaustion.

All having been said, I think it was a success.

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  1. We are sure it took no time at all for Dove to see the remarkable people that you are. Our thoughts are with you.
    Mike and Laura