Friday, September 12, 2008

7th Anniversary: a summary of our trip

What an amazing time we had last weekend, relaxing on a sunny weekend in Astoria. Even though I always think of Dove Adoptions as being on the west edge of the Portland Metro area, it really is surprisingly close to the beach. A half-hour after we left the agency we were walking into the Camp 18 restaurant (it's at milepost 18; zero mile is at the coastline if that helps).

I talked a little about Camp 18 last year, and for months the post and pictures brought visitors to my site from around the world (much like my post on Ethiopian Jazz is doing right now). So, just know that my mentioning it is not to bore you with the same old story year after year, but more of a desperate traffic grab. Get the STEW! It comes with cornbread and it's off the charts!

Our room was stunning. I asked about the different rooms at Rose River, Pam, the innkeeper, assured me that the Rose Room was most romantic. I think that it was a good assessment. The room had a queen canopy bed, a slipper tub and a lot of natural light. Walking through the door was like stepping through a portal into 1912, the year Rose River was built. Hardwood, antiques, windows with that wavy glass created a unique atmosphere that made us feel very welcome.

Two more things. You may remember from this post our chance meeting with Jennifer Holen, owner of Baked Alaska on Astoria's waterfront. This year we made reservations for late dinner on Saturday night and as we walked through the door, guess who was standing there? Jennifer and a now much-grown Anna were headed out to "look at the moon". She remembered us and we caught up a little. What we didn't expect is that she would go into the kitchen and tell her husband, Chef Chris Holen who we were. As we sat at our table, Chris came out an personally thanked us for coming back and wished us a happy anniversary. Then he payed for our dessert. Thanks, Jennifer and Chris. You made our night!

On our way home Sunday, we had a reprise of something from two years ago (this post). We once again journeyed up to Ilwaco and visited Marina. You may remember her diagnosis of lymphoma that same year and her later miraculous recovery. After, Marina is doing fine and is just beginning a new school year as a teacher in the Ilwaco area.

What a great way to go into our eighth year of marriage. Can't wait to see what the next 12 months bring.

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