Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Celebrating AAM!

This month is Adoption Awareness Month, and we have a lot of reasons to celebrate. First, last Saturday, November 15, marked the two-year mark of our adoption journey: on 11/15/2006, we made the decision to adopt.

Second, a lot of efforts have been made to talk about the causes of adoption and orphan care. FamilyLife Today (hi five to Kay Warren for her poignant message) and Nuclearity have put together special broad/podcasts to raise awareness. Our agency's fall activity was earlier this month and articles like this and this are appearing in the news.

Of course, thirdly, we are anxiously awaiting the homecoming of our own little boy and girl. C'mon phone. RING!

Wanna give money for Ethiopian orphans? These guys could probably use it!

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