Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The extraction of 4 wisdom teeth and subsequent recovery

Anne-Marie had all 4 of her wisdom teeth surgically extracted early Monday morning. Arrival at just before 8:00 AM and a smooth procedure allowed us to be back home by 11. She looked a lot better after the surgery than I did (back in '06).

When we arrived home to a house that was beginning to heat up in the midday sun. Anne-Marie slept a couple of hours in the recliner before asking for some Lortab to help with the pain. An hour later she got up for a few minutes. She walked over the the kitchen counter, looked at me and said "I'm gonna pass out." I told her that she could lay down again, but she was already falling over. I grabbed her and laid her down on the floor and tried to talk to her. She came to a few seconds later and said, "I think I just passed out."

Somewhere between the heat, the local anesthetic, the nitrous oxide and the Lortab, Anne-Marie left the conscious world for about 10 seconds. She said that her sight returned first, but she couldn't hear what I was saying to her. That's when she made the needless announcement. Within a few hours, with the help of Gatorade, Campbell's and Ensure, Anne-Marie was feeling much better. Now that it's been two days she's on her feet (without incident). Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

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