Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Vacation after all!

Last year when we were finishing our adoption paperwork we decided that we would cancel any vacation plans in 2009. We didn't know if we would have the money or whether we would even be in the country for anything planned more than three months in the future.

Even though we knew it was the right decision, Anne-Marie lamented several times over missing a springtime trip to Central Oregon. So when we figured out a few months ago that the adoption process was going to take a little longer than expected, Mom and I started putting together a surprise for Anne-Marie's 30th birthday. A week and a half ago we told Anne-Marie that she was getting her birthday present early. Then we gave her a card along with pictures of the house we'd reserved in Sunriver.

Back across the Cascades we go tomorrow. Into the high desert and among the pines.

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