Thursday, October 01, 2009

Still keepin' on

Still dealing with a virus and kids that are getting over a bunch of health issues. The doctor is pretty positive about the kids, but since I've burned up all my time away from the office on the kids doctor stuff, I haven't gone yet myself. Hope it isn't serious.

Along with this, I'm still trying to come up with the words to describe our trip. I know many of you probably want to read the blow-by-blow of all we did, but I'm afraid I'll never be able to write it all out that way. Maybe I'll start with my written journal entries and then post some of the video and write a little, too. Doing this will be easier when I'm not taking the sleepytime medicine.

Life could be more difficult though. For instance, the doctor says our kids may have to have all their immunizations redone. What is that, like 8 shots? Wow. I hope I don't have to be there to watch that.


  1. Emme just had hers, it was so tough! Toukoul gives them to the kids to close to each other.

    Just know they are really fast in giving the shots to them, so it is over fast. None the less tougher to see them in pain though!

  2. Hope you are feeling better. We would all too read whatever you want to write (once you are feeling better). The more we read the better prepared we are for our journey. Our son from China had to redo all his too, but it is over fast and they forget

  3. Praying for you all!

    SCC Blog Family