Friday, October 29, 2010

Life in a motel, Part II: Growing

It's an amazing thing, the human ability to adapt to any given circumstance. We've lived in the motel for a week and a half and have developed somewhat of a system. Anne-Marie cooks dinner, I look for jobs on the internet and the kids go berserk. It's all very systematic.

In the morning, I try to narrow down the best job prospects that have been newly posted on the web. By the time I finish that, everyone else is up. So the kids have to be changed, fed and dressed. They usually last an hour or two in the room before we need to take a drive. Wal*Mart, Target, Best Buy. Goodwill, Jack In the Box, Pioneer Park. Wherever. We just need to get them out. And we need to get out ourselves.

We've spent the last two weeks teaching in home groups here in the Puyallup area, along with going to ministerial training and getting to know more people. Teaching in a home group (here they call them Life Groups) is completely different than sermonizing on Sunday. Usually if you preach at a church you are on a platform and people look straight ahead to about the level of your knees. Teaching at someone's dining room table puts you face to face with people. It demands things of you that are very easily held captive in the traditional space between podium and pew.

The kids are still growing. This is the smallest place they've ever lived, but they still find time to learn new tricks (like Elisha somersaulting) and new words (like Mariah trying to form full sentences..."I didn't quite catch that."). The kids are also starting to become self-aware. Every now and then, they ask for something for themselves. For "Shi-shah" or "Rye-uhh".

Today, we have our first visitor from home. My mom is coming up to see her grandkids for the first time in the new place. (And we're under no illusions: she's coming to see them.) The church is having a family night at a local elementary school and we're gonna try to find some cowboy clothes at a thrift store so we can fit the theme. Should be quite the night.

Only 12 more days until we move into the house!

Jumping on the bed with shoes on. Major no-no.

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