Thursday, March 15, 2012


I got a job! (kinda)

I would hate to talk like it's not a real job, but here's the deal: I'm now self-employed.  I've talked about it on Facebook and hinted about it on Twitter (if you're so connected to me).  However you want to classify it, I am now doing work for money.  And really isn't that the whole point?

This all started back in January when I applied for a full-time position at a steel fabrication company in Enumclaw.  They called me the next day and told me that they weren't considering me for the position, but because of my extensive drafting experience, they wanted me to draw a job or two for them on a flat-fee basis.  I guess the drafting service they usually used had given up on the whole design/engineering/collaboration gig and the guy in charge went and started a farm...which brings up all kinds of questions as to why I'm still in this industry.  Anyway, their change in calling opened the door for me to fill that role.

I figured since it paid more than $0 (my current wage at the time), I would give it a shot.  So I looked over the one project and gave them a price.  They accepted and, next thing you know, my former employer gets a hold of me to tell me they're overloaded with work.  That gave me three more projects and now I'm a business.

The reason I waited so many weeks to post this is because I promised myself I wouldn't talk about it until I got my first paycheck.  (Because it's not really a job unless you're getting paid.)  Now I just need more work.

So, look for the Deeper Solutions Design | Creation website and Facebook page soon.  Thank you all for your prayers over these past 18 months.  God is helping us.  Not always in the way I expected, but He's with us nonetheless.

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  1. We are so happy for you and glad to be in the same boat:) None better to share with than our friends!