Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom and I

My mom never wanted anything for Mother's Day.  Or her birthday.  Or even Christmas, really.

She just never wanted people to make a big deal about her.  Her life was all about the family and the things we were involved in.  She just didn't have time to think about herself when there were so many other things happening with work and her kids.  Those were the things that she considered important.  Getting the job done is what made her happy.

She's recently been upgraded from Mom to Grandma and I don't think her feelings have changed at all. Her relationship is all about what she can do for Mariah and Elisha.  It's what makes her happy.

She's not expecting flowers on Mother's Day.  She'd probably think they were nice, but only for the purpose of making me feel good about myself for doing it.  She'd put them in a vase--if she even owns one--and tell everyone who saw them what a great guy I was.

And I can't write anymore.  Oh God, teach me selflessness.

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