Thursday, August 01, 2013

Emergency to Surgery: Part 2

Somewhere in the course of taking care of the kids on Thursday morning, Anne-Marie bent over and felt something shift.  The dizziness she'd been experiencing for the past two weeks increased, she couldn't breath and pain shot through her body.  This probably wasn't the flu.

Fifteen minutes later, I had just gotten off the phone with Anne-Marie and was on my way through the streets of Olympia trying to get home as quickly as I could.  In the 40 minutes of drive time, Anne-Marie managed to get the kids off to their afternoon naps and then sat on the couch.  When I arrived, she was fine.

I was glad I came home, but was unsure what to do.  Her oncologist had prescribed an antibiotic for whatever it was that was causing the problem earlier in the day, so I made myself useful by picking that up.  I let Anne-Marie take it easy that evening and we went to bed hoping the antibiotics would do the trick.

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