Sunday, August 18, 2013

Emergency to Surgery: Part 8

Two more hours passed and it was 10:00 AM.  We went in to visit Anne-Marie again and they told us what we didn't want to hear.  She was going to be admitted.

They had already hooked her up to IV antibiotic treatment a few hours earlier and would need more than just a few hours of treatment.  I was pretty disappointed.  I guess I was hoping we'd get a quick fix and head home.  Now we were stuck in the ER waiting for them to assign us a room in the big hospital.

The kids were slightly refreshed from the breakfast and play session, so we somehow managed to make it through the next two and a half hours without many tragedies.  The doctor came back to inform us that we were officially being admitted and that we could all follow Anne-Marie as she was being wheeled to her room.  The nurses made some rubber gloves into water balloons to entertain the kids during the process.

It was 12:30 PM.  We had been in the ER waiting room for nearly nine hours.

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