Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Emergency to Surgery: Part 9

The staff at the special care wing of the University of Washington Medical Center had a lot more straightforward way of communicating.  First, Anne-Marie was probably going to be in the hospital for at least four days.  Second, they really didn't want the kids in the room.

Now, I was stuck in the cyclical problem of not wanting to leave my wife's side while we tried to understand what happened 12 hours earlier and not being allowed to stay by my wife's side due to the fact that we had our two small children with us.

In the middle of this, I called some of our family and let them know what was happening.  My mom decided to drive up from Portland to take care of the kids.  She would be there around 9:00 PM.  I also called the SCCA House to see if I could come there with the kids to crash for a few hours.  They were full.  I was considering getting a regular motel or sleeping on the sidewalk when they called back and said they had a cancellation.

The kids were getting restless and the nursing staff was getting irritated, so we decided to leave right away for our room.


SCCA House is only three miles from the hospital, so we got there quickly.  As soon as we got in the door the kids started running from one end of the lobby to the other.  There were two people in line in front of me.  (Hurry up, please!)

One person finished and I took the opportunity to pull Elisha off of a bench he thought was a pommel horse.  The next person was getting their room and I zoned out.  By the time I got my key I turned around and the kids were on the floor with two stacks of hotel brochures they'd thrown on the floor and were using as a deck of cards, shuffling them, fanning them out and then dealing hands to each other.  I picked up the brochures and set them in semi-order on the table then dragged the kids upstairs to the room before they started pretending the complimentary pens were cigars.

We fell dead asleep for two hours.

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