Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Vicstoria 2013

This year we were blessed to be able to not only go on our normal weekend to Astoria for our anniversary, but also to Victoria, BC!

How did that come to be?  Back in the early summer, I decided that I would take a few extra days off of work before we went on our trip to Astoria purely because I thought we might do something.   Besides, who doesn't--while on the drive home--wish they had taken an extra day or two?  I actually took those days.

A month later, we were talking with our friends Mel and Suzanna, and they mentioned that they had some timeshares in British Columbia.  An opening in downtown Victoria happened to be on those same days, so three weeks later we were on our way.  (Toldja we were blessed. Thanks guys!)

We only had two days, but we got to see most of the cool things in town like the Parliament Building, the Royal BC Museum and the downtown commercial district.  We also got to go to afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel, which was a lifelong dream for Anne-Marie.  It rained all day, so we couldn't go to the gardens.  Maybe next time.  Here's some pictures of what we saw in Victoria:


After two days there, we rode the ferry back to Port Angeles, Washington and then drove all the way down the Washington Coast through Forks and Aberdeen and spent two days in Astoria at Clementine's.  We had a great time and are so grateful for the time we were given to spend together for a few days.

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