Wednesday, January 08, 2014

What I liked in 2013 - "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)"

Remember when I used to post church music every Sunday morning?  You don't?

I'm wounded.

Anyways, 2013 gave us plenty of new music in the gospel genre, for good and bad.  And usually when I talk about music by Hillsong it's because I'm making bad jokes about cliched worship bands and church v. concert comparisons.  I will say that out of the three or so albums the Sydney-based Hillsong Church has released every year over the past twenty years, I've heard some pretty bland ones.

When I saw that United (Hillsong's other band that's not called Hillsong Live) had a new album called Zion, I decided to get on Spotify and give it a shot, just to be sure it was mediocre.

I'll be willing to swallow my pride and say this is really good.  I enjoyed the entire album--do we still call them that?--especially "Oceans" perhaps because I was able to connect with the song's message as a sincere prayer.

So here it is.  Sorry, Hillsong, for all the things I said about you.

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