Monday, May 14, 2018

Tykerb's 2nd chance

Because of Anne-Marie's previous experience with the Tykerb chemotherapy pill, trying it again is something we never thought would happen.  The pill had been discussed multiple times in the last six years and always comes up when the "medications to avoid" (is that what it's called?) list gets read off/written down at the hospital.

"Tykerb?  What's that?"
"Oh it's a chemo pill."

We've had the conversation dozens of times.  No one knows what it is unless they know what it is.  Then they know.

Now six years after it was prescribed by Dr. Korde from SCCA, Dr. Smith decided to prescribe it, in combination with Xeloda, hoping for the best.  Well, so far, it's been hard, but bearable.  Anne-Marie had a tough few days to start--and even went off it to recover for a day--but she has somewhat normalized with the help of the doctor.  Dr. Smith gave Anne-Marie the OK to cut the prescribed dose of Tykerb down by 20%.

This is good news because that means we have an actual treatment plan.  If Anne-Marie can continue to tolerate the treatment we could have a "routine" for the next several months.  The stomach sickness and queasiness has been hard, but being a month (and two months) post surgery has brought her strength up and allowed her to be on her feet more throughout the day.

She will continue on the Xeloda/Tykerb (for the brain) and Faslodex (for the lungs) until the team of doctors say otherwise.  Scans of the bones will be quarterly and a brain scan will happen in about a month.  This should tell us a lot about whether the treatment is effective.

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