Wednesday, May 22, 2019

3-months-off-the-blog update

I have been as busy as I have ever been the past three months.  I have intended to write something here several times, but eventually relented to the idea of time off being a good thing.

Anne-Marie has been on PARP inhibitors for almost this entire time and things have been going well up until the last two weeks.  In that time her red blood cell count has been fluctuating quite a bit and we're trying to see if this is the reason why her energy level has suddenly dipped.  As of now, we don't know.  We'll give it a few more weeks to see if it's unrelated or temporary.

We are in the last stages of a 900 square foot remodel in our basement that has taken us over a year.  Usually I finish work and then start working on another portion of the basement until bedtime/I can't work anymore.  This has been the story for most of 2019.

Here's me right after we installed insulation:

Here it is after drywall (no idea how the sound was not working but the rotation was correct when I uploaded and now I got this):

The intensity ratcheted up in March as 60 hour weeks turned into 70 hours weeks to get ready for the drywall and paint.  I was thankful to get 2 weeks "off" as the contractors did their part before we started putting in electrical outlets.  (I know all of you usually work 80 and 90 hour weeks, so forgive my frailty.)

We got some help with the new floor thanks to our friend, SH, and now my office has a new home that's not in the corner of the dining room.  Our bedroom moves this weekend and the bathroom finishes come next.  It's all very interesting and rewarding and I've learned so much during theprocess, but I'm ready to be done.

We will learn more about Anne-Marie's progress when quarterly scans are completed next month.  I will update then and hopefully even before.

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