Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hood River Tournament results

This Saturday we went to Hood River for the first Bible Quizzing Tournament of the year. I guess we shouldn't have been surprised to see snow as we drove into town!

As we registered seven teams in our division, we kept looking out the window to see if we were going to make it home that afternoon. Snow continued to fall from early in the morning until one in the afternoon (by that time there were about seven inches on the ground). I was nearly looking forward to an unexpected night in the Columbia Gorge Hotel, but by the time we were finished with the tournament, all the roads were clear. Oh well, it was great experience!

Congratulations to our top teams: LaGrande 1 and AWC (Gresham) 1!

I think I'll start putting pics at the bottom of the post. Blogger seems to mess up the layout if you try it any other way.

Pics (top to bottom): what we saw when we got there, LaGrande 2 and AWC 2, Anne-Marie getting ready to leave

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  1. Well I must say that I have not seen that much snow in HR for quite some time. It is to bad that you were not forced to stay at the Gorge Hotel. You might would have ended up in the local no tell motel though. Later.