Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Perhaps you have been wondering, over the past nine months, why the name of this blog is DARKSAYINGS? It happened by accident, really. I was just starting to read the Old Testament book of Proverbs when my eyes fell on verse six of the first chapter:

To understand a proverb, and the interpretation; the words of the wise, and their dark sayings. (emphasis mine)

I wouldn't say that it was necessarily a Eureka moment for me, but it stuck in my head. I promised myself that I would start a website on which I would publish my thoughts in order to gain internet and writing experience at the same time. I was putting it off because I failed to come up with a domain name. After going through multiple names that I thought were clever--and finding that someone else had already taken them--darksayings was all I had left. My brother was using Blogger at the time for his personal/academic weblog, so (knowing I could ask for his help) I decided to reserve my "last name standing" for my own blog. I opened a blog called

The blog sat for a couple of weeks with a few unpublished posts that I didn't consider webworthy. I made plans to register the name as my own:

Before I could get that step done, Anne-Marie was diagnosed with cancer. This gave me a completely different idea for the use of the blog. Beside that, it was a lot easier than explaining everything over the phone multiple times. Darksayings went live while we were on vacation in Sunriver, OR the weekend after the diagnosis on May 14, 2006.

My brother helped me set up the new domain during the next week or so. Somewhere along the line, the name DARKSAYINGS became all capitals. This is in keeping with the odd pattern of troubling grammatical no-no's found throughout the web. Almost 9,000 hits later, I think I'm just about ready to begin what I was going to do so many months ago. This oughtta be interesting, to say the least.

Be certain that the blog will continue to have all the latest on what is going on with us! Thank you all for your interest in the lives of two very ordinary people.

Note: my original hope for a domain name? (how cool would that have been?) Note 2: no, the name DARKSAYINGS has nothing to do with my being a goth.

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