Thursday, July 03, 2008

12 Things Remaining to Do

to finish our adoption (with sizes).
  1. Complete our criminal clearance (medium)
  2. Get family pictures/passport photos (tiny)
  3. Take our "multiple children" education classes (big)
  4. Send our I-600A to the Gov (medium, DONE!)
  5. Get our fingerprints at Homeland Security (medium)
  6. Take our I-171H to Salem (medium/big)
  7. Write our letters to the orphanage (medium)
  8. Send our dossier (medium/big)
  9. Wait (huge)
  10. Get/accept our referral (really big)
  11. Prepare kids rooms/to travel to Ethiopia (giant)
  12. Bring our kids home (gargantuan)

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