Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ethiopian adoption update 6/2011

Seems like the last couple of weeks has been all adoption news.  First, our friends the Youngs--after more than eight months waiting--received their referral for not one, not two, but THREE kids from Ethiopia.  I can't post any of the info here, but I got the e-mail with all the pictures and names and they are the cutest group of kids (a girl and a girl and a boy).  For those of you who know them, the Youngs already have four girls and a boy.  Congratulations to the Youngs.  You now take your place in the parenting hall of fame between the Bradys and the Duggars.

The next bit of news also has to do with Ethiopian adoption.  In March, the government said things would slow down by about 90%.  We aren't sure that this ever happened, but official words has come this week on a new policy:
As of June 15, 2011 the number of files will increase from five(5) files per day to ten (10) files per day.  During the next two to three months the Ministry plans to increase the number of files reviewed to fifteen (15) files per day...
This is a ways from the 50-per-day rate they were going at when we adopted, but it is a significant improvement.  Again, this is only the official policy change.  We've never had any indication that they purposely slowed down the process if they were able to get more cases through court on any given day.

Lastly, we were at Meeker Days yesterday and we met two Ethiopian adoptive families!  Anne-Marie has seen the Sanchez family around town before, but for the first time I was with the family when we saw them near the food booths.  They adopted their daughter a few months ago.

The real shock came when we met ANOTHER family 30 minutes later in the children's play area.  The Lemanski family has already been to their court date and will be returning to Ethiopia to bring hre home for good in just a few weeks.  Both families are adopting through Youth With a Mission (which I guess is here in Puyalllup).  How totally awesome to meet new families that have a heart for the beautiful children of Ethiopia.

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