Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston and gospel music

Everyone that's read the posts here for a while knows that I love gospel music.  When I was between the ages of seven and twelve, my aunt, Liz lived with my mom, my brother and I in our extra bedroom. She had a huge stack of gospel LPs, so I got used to listening to Richard Smallwood, Walter Hawkins, the Winans and a bunch of others on our Pioneer turntable.  Since then, worship music and the kind of music that encourages and inspires is a part of who I am.

From what I've read, Whitney Houston was the same way.  She was raised in Baptist and Pentecostal circles and went to a private Catholic school, so she got her start singing in church.  This carried through into her career as a pop singer.

"I Love the Lord/Joy to the World" (1996)

I debated whether to use this one or not, because it isn't a gospel song (though Whitney and CeCe do their best to make it one), but I included it mostly because Whitney Houston looks so happy.
"Bridge Over Troubled Water" (with Gospel singer CeCe Winans)

For some reason, this makes me feel so sad.
"Jesus Loves Me" (1994)

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