Monday, February 20, 2012

It's over (AKA count us in)

I posted last year about nearing the end of cancer treatments.  Friday afternoon, it all unceremoniously came to an end.

The last trip across the skybridge

From now on, all we have to deal with is an annual check-up.

Actually, that's not true.  What we really have to deal with is finding a new normal among all the changes that cancer has brought in these last five to six years.  I can't say we know exactly how to get there yet--and I don't think there's gonna be some special day that we wake up and all of the sudden we're 26 again--but eventually we'll find our way.

Along with all of this is a passion.  Almost an anger, really.  We may have missed some things that "normal" young couples have, and there's probably things that we wanted to get done in our 20's that didn't happen because we were busy doing other things.

Just don't count us out.


  1. I am beyond thrilled that you are in this season. While, I, don't claim to know exactly what you have missed/lost/gone without due to cancer, I most certainly can relate. May the years ahead be of peace and jubilation. Blessings!

  2. Oh man. I totally identify with this post. But for an entirely different reason than cancer.

    I am SO delighted to hear your good news! And so thankful to God. :-)

  3. Thank you both. We know we can never go back to how it was, but just because we had to sit out a lot of things over the past five years doesn't mean we gave up on life. We're excited about new challenges and the road ahead.