Thursday, May 17, 2012

The first step: UW

An appointment has been scheduled for a consultation on Friday, June 1st, at the University of Washington's cancer center in Seattle.

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is one of the top-rated institutions for cancer care in the nation, and #1 west of the Rockies.  SCCA has a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, which means I will be seen by three different oncology specialists (radiological, surgical, and medical) during the consult appointment.

After the exam, they will meet together to talk about my situation, then bring us in for one final consult to present their recommended treatment plan to us.  The appointment is scheduled to last from 11 to 5, so it will be a long day for us.  The consult will help us decide a possible next step, whether it's surgery or more tests (or something completely different).


  1. I told myself I would be in bed early as tomorrow is a busy day with 20 women from church coming to help prepare a garage sale at my house... here I am at 11pm (almost) but can happily say I am caught up to 2007 on your blog. Only 5 1/2 years to go.
    So glad you have this. Will be checking it regularly...

  2. I put it on my calendar to be praying extra for you guys!

  3. Annemarie I am praying for complete healing right now! hugs

  4. AnneMarie-Please keep in mind that I live no more then 5 minutes from your home.If I can help at all,just call.I will msg. you my number.You are in my prayers.