Monday, June 18, 2012

An update on the treatment plan

Anne-Marie's note from Friday:
Very good news today at SCCA from my new medical oncologist Dr. Larissa Korde. Scans (MRIs/PET/CT/Bone scan) all looked great, no sign of metastatic cancer.
There is one area close to the existing tumor that they are going to doublecheck, though. Dr. Korde feels very confident that what I have is just a small local recurrence and I most likely won't even need to take chemo. =)
She plans to shrink the tumor down with some Herceptin IV therapy and pill therapy, then do surgery to clean up the tumor area (even though the tumor may completely disappear w/ therapy). After surgery, I will need radiation therapy and then reconstruction of the area. 
Of course, any of this is subject to change...thank you everyone for your prayers! I'm a happy girl!!!

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